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NIRGOMO stands for Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring. As the name suggest, it can measure your blood glucose level WITHOUT the need of blood sample. Thus, giving you the better way to measure your blood glucose concentration.

We also provide you with an easy-to-use and powerful App to guide you through your daily blood glucose checking routine. Our device and App will give you the most convenient blood glucose checking experience. NIRGOMO will accompany you along your journey to achieve better life.


Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring 



Learn All About NIRGOMO

No Needles, No Worries!

NIRGOMO does not need blood sample. Our technology use Near-infrared Spectroscopy to read your blood glucose concentration. Along with our Artificial Intelligence model, we are able to achieve high accuracy.

Track Your Daily Progress

Integrated with the App, NIRGOMO will record your blood glucose changes daily. Enables you to identify what diet, exercise, and what medicine that works for you!


The Advantage in Using NIRGOMO

Near Infrared

Precisely detect blood glucose concentration.

Artificial Intelligence

Allows accurate calculation despite various variables.

Mobile App

Powerful and exclusive features are available.

Who are we?

Semudah Health

Semudah Health is a startup that wants to provide a more convenient way for everyone to maintain their health through innovation and technology.

The first step we would like to take is by creating NIRGOMO, an innovative solution to improve the convenience of the patients of one of the most deadly widespread disease all over the world, diabetes.


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